June 23, 2009

Smile for the Camera

Just like the best way to get work is to already have work, one of the easiest ways to get media attention is to already be getting some media attention. A couple of days after The New York Times blog ran its 2JB video, I got a call from...another reporter. She worked for Verizon's new FiOS News channel, had seen our bit on the Times' site and wanted to shoot a story about us.

Another story. For TV.

Nahum was game, and anyway we needed to get the wheat beer bottled, so why not? So Karen from FiOS came to the 2JB HQ armed with an impressive-looking HD camera and set up in the dining room (I am kicking myself for not taking some snaps of the setup...doh!). Nahum and I each did a stand-up interview; as with the last one, he got into more detail about the ingredients and science-y stuff that makes our beer work, and I talked more about how we do what we do and why people like it (or something like that--it was a bit of a blur). Then Karen FiOS started following us through the bottling process.

Ms. FiOS seemed genuinely interested (by which I mean: she seemed to think that we'd turned out to be interesting subjects for a story), and when we gave her some pre-carbonated 2JB to try, she was genuinely into how good it tasted. And man oh man, it did taste good--light but strong, with just the right hint of orange in the middle of the flavor.

Anyway, under the close scrutiny of the press, we filled 39 bottles with delicious wheat beer and set them down to carbonate. I'm looking forward to seeing the news piece on TV...but not quite as much as I'm looking forward to drinking my first cold bottle of 2JB wheat!

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