January 19, 2010

Pour One for Len

In addition to our shared passion for homebrewing, love of good food and conviction that Mad Men & The Simpsons are two of the best shows on TV, Nahum and I often come across other little places where our lives and interests overlap. This weekend, there was one more: Nahum's wife had invited Len, one of her good friends from college over to their house...someone we'd learned, through the magic of Facebook, was also a friend of mine from high school.

Since Len's visit coincided with the ready-date of the Abbot Ale clone, it seemed like the natural thing to do was to pour one for Len as we took our first sips of the latest brew. Which is exactly what we did.

The Abbot poured with good carbonation and a light-brown (but still somewhat cloudy) appearance. It looked good and had a nice aroma. We split two bottles into three glasses for Nahum, Len and me. L'chaim, Len!

The taste was just about what we'd figured: malty, not very bitter, medium-bodied and quite good. It's probably more autumnal than wintry in taste and feel, but you can't always nail the season right on the head, eh? I would probably rate the Abbot somewhere in the lower third of the dozen-plus brews we've produced over the last year and a half...which just means it's on the low end of an overall highly rated bunch.

1 comment:

Len said...

Delicious! And you can tell that I have tried my fair share of beers. Great seeing you guys!