November 15, 2008

Ale to the Chief

If there were to be such a thing as The Number One 2JB Fan, that post would no doubt go to Nahum's friend Jay. He not only counseled and encouraged us from the very start of our homebrew enterprise, but he also has been providing a steady stream of Two Jews Brew graphics. The latest is not only timely but also pretty damn funny:

Still, the message was not lost on us. As the Pumpkin Ale sits in bottles, ramping up both its carbonation and deliciousness, we started plotting out Batch Gimmel. As Jay slyly suggested, we'd probably be uncapping these beers around the time of President Obama's inauguration. Could we possibly link a 2JB project to this momentous event?

Yes we can!

After much debate about the right message to communicate with our beer (yes, I know - we're a bit far gone), Nahum and I agreed that the moment would pair well with...a batch of black & tan. (And if McCain had won? A bitter, no doubt.) A little bit too on the nose? Perhaps. But it also seems like it'll be an enjoyable winter bevvie that will be perfect to celebrate a very happy piece of history.

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