July 2, 2009

Strong Ws

On Monday morning I put two bottles with W labels into the fridge (tho to be honest, the dubbyas are a little mushy...could be Ms or even Es depending on the angle) and brought the cold ones over to Nahum's for our 1-week sampling of the wheat beer.

Normally, the 1-week sample is just to see how the carbonation is coming along; two weeks is pretty standard for the beer to get a good head o' steam going. Not so for the Ws--as soon as we popped the tops and started the pour, it was clear that these were ready, and were already pretty much our most carbonated beer.

And after a couple of sips...it was also clear that we had pretty much our strongest beer, too! Without doing any actual measuring or math or any such thing, I'd guess these beers are about 6% alcohol. Which considering we're usually shooting for 3 - 4% is a significant bump up. Not that I'm complaining.

Aside from the bubbles and buzz, the Ws had a darker-than-expected color (tho lighter than the pics suggest), but clearly that light feel & flavor that you'd expect from a wheat beer. And the dried orange peel gave it just the right subtle citrus kick; I'll have to remember to drop a slice of lemon into my next one. Now all we need is just the right kind of lazy, hazy warm afternoon for kicking back and enjoying these summer wheats the right way.

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Ivan said...

Congrats on the high abv!